Sep. 19, 2018

September 19, 2018: OUR LADY OF LA SALETTE

September 19, 2018: OUR LADY OF LA SALETTE


[The 172nd Anniversary of the Apparition of Our Lady at La Salette, France]


“Come, my children, fear not, I am here to proclaim Great News to you.”



O God, who dost not cease to show us how much our devotion to the most holy Virgin Mary is pleasing to Thee, by the multiplied miracles which Thou dost work at her intercession: grant unto us the grace to be ever faithful to the lessons which she gives us, so that, having kept Thy commandments in this life, we may have the happiness of possessing Thee to all eternity in the life to come. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


September 19, 2018
Fasting and Partial Abstinence to be observed.


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O Lady blest of La Salette –
Take pity on our hapless state,
And hearken to our cry!
Thine own sweet voice in plaintive wail,
As we walk through this tearful vale,
Is heard reproachfully.

In France, we’re taught, thou didst appear,
And through two children biding near,
A warning didst convey –
The arm of thine offended Son
Thou couldst not hold, and heaven’s frown
Thou couldst no longer stay.

The wrath of Jesus Christ would fall,
So didst thou say, on us and all,
For our inequity:
Thy warning is, that we repent,
Or else a fatal punishment
Will scourge us heavily.

Then stay, O Virgin Mother, stay
The doom impending, whist we pray
To thy most clement Son:
And as on earth our vows we make,
Present them thou, for Jesus’ sake,
To God’s eternal throne.

One only God we’ll ever serve,
And from His truth we’ll never swerve,
The one unchanging faith:
Our holy Church we know to be
The sole and only Church, where we
Can rest in life and death.

Oh, may we never take again,
The holy Name of God in vain,
Or His good Spirit grieve!
All cursing, swearing, blasphemy
Be far from us: and holily
May we for ever live!

The Sunday and all holidays,
We promise we will spend in praise
Of our much injured God.
Our joy shall be our Mass to hear,
And to the Sacraments draw near,
Those wells of Christ’s own blood.

And when our priests the doctrines preach,
Which God hath given them power to teach,
We ne’er will absent be:
The days of abstinence and fast,
We’ll strive to keep from first to last,
And holy Church obey.

O Virgin Queen, in pity hear
Thy children whilst we humbly dare
These pious vows to make –
What God and Holy Church command,
On bended knee, with outstretched hand,
We promise ne’er to break.

O Lady blest of La Salette,
Thy strength can hardly bear the weight
Of Christ’s uplifted arm:
Still tarry, Mother, yet awhile –
Our hearts to Jesus reconcile,
And shield us from the storm.


Taken from: Manual of the Confraternity of La Salette, by Rev. John Wyse (Catholic Priest), 1855,
Nihil Obstat, Bishop of Birmingham, June 9th, 1855.


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Our Lady of La Salette, Reconciler of sinners,
pray without ceasing for us who have recourse to thee.