Jul. 24, 2018

July 24, 2018: ST. DECLÁN OF ARDMORE


[From the Irish Calendar]


The Lord loved him, and adorned him. He clothed him with a robe of glory.


6th Century

S. Declan is said to have been the son of Erc, prince of the Nandesi (Desies, in the county of Waterford), and to have been born in the house of one Dobran, where his father and mother, whose name was Dethideim, happened to be on a visit. Whilst they were there, Colman, a holy priest, who afterwards became a bishop, came and preached to them the Christian faith, and foretold the future greatness of the child. They believed, and delivered to him the infant to be baptized, and he gave him the name of Declan. He remained in the house of Dobran, who was his foster-father, for seven years, and his education was entrusted to a Christian named Dymna, who inhabited a cell in the neighbourhood. Having spent a long time with Dymna, his reputation became very great, and several persons put themselves under his direction, amongst whom were Mochelloc, Bean, Colman and Lactin, who afterwards erected cells in the vicinity of Declan's place of retreat, near Lismore.

Declan is said to have visited Rome with some of his disciples, and to have been there ordained bishop by the pope. On his return to Ireland, he spent some time in Desies, and then re-visited Rome, passing through Wales, and seeing David on his way. On his return to Ireland he settled at Ardmore, on land given him by the lord of that country. The life of S. Declan contains serious anachronisms, but there can be little doubt that the date of his death was towards the early part of the 6th century.

Taken from: The Lives of the Fathers, Martyrs, and Other Principal Saints, Vol. VIII; and
The Divine Office for the use of the Laity, Volume II, 1806.


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St. Declán of Ardmore, pray for us.